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Energy Pro - Industrial GlobalFund


Conceptual Proposal for an Industrial Development Fund


The purpose of the fund is to provide a vehicle for bringing together investors seeking a premium return with industrial manufacturing companies that have certain limitations in gaining financing through traditional methods.



Introduction of the Industrial Development Fund - Industrial GlobalFund

Industrial GlobalFund - Energy Pro USA


We are Energy Pro-USA and the Industrial GlobalFund. We’re proud to be headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. This is our home base, and from here we set out across North America and the rest of the world to design, engineer, capitalize and implement energy optimization programs for the world’s largest industrials.

Missouri is known as the “show me” state. As corporate citizens of the state, we bring that essence to every engagement. When our potential industrial partners tell us to show them whether or not additional energy savings exist, we go at risk with our own money, people and technologies to not only quantify the additional savings, but implement improvements and measure the value they create. Missouri’s show me attitude is at the heart of our business model.

EP and the Industrial GlobalFund look forward to a significant role in shaping a positive US energy future. By our nature, wherever we go, Missouri comes along.


Industrial GlobalFund - Energy Pro USA



On September 20 1991,

a New Way to Optimize Energy Efficiency

for Large Industrials was Introduced...


Industrial GlobalFund


Industrial GlobalFund

Every day you look for ways to stretch your energy dollar, just as we provide resources and dollars to guarantee energy savings.

As you use energy wisely, you gain greater profitability from energy efficiency and advanced technologies.

Working together—manufacturers, government, and energy companies ensure greater energy efficiency and industrial manufacturing to live our lives and keep America going strong.

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