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Executive Summary


New Energy Industrial Development Opportunities

United States industrial manufacturing is the largest energy-consuming sector of the economy, consuming over 33% of the nation’s total energy in the fewest locations.

Our company, Energy Pro-USA, has a proven methodology to aggregate, develop, finance and own energy and productivity improvement projects inside large industrial manufacturing plants. These targeted industry sectors are steel, aluminum, refining, chemical and paper industries. These sectors are defined as energy intensive processes and account for over 75% of industrial energy consumption.

Energy Pro will make a $145 million investment into this market opportunity over the first and second quarters of 2009.

Industrial Manufacturing’s Energy Profile

Natural gas, petroleum products and electricity comprise the major energy sources used to heat and power industrial manufacturing facilities. The industry’s expenditures for heat and power totaled over $80 billion last year. In addition to heat and power, the industry used about seven quads of fossil fuels as feedstock to produce industrial materials and products. Usage, combined with dramatic price increases, forebodes a negative impact on profitability. The target markets for Energy-Pro are manufacturers in the energy intensive processes. These manufacturing sectors consume the largest amounts of energy per unit of production/product output.