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Heatherton Condominiums

Mike Ratteree Residential Construction - Heatherton Condominiums
Heatherton Condominiums - Sales Brochure ( 298kb)
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St. Charles is a city of today. Modern and progressive in every dimension.


Resting on a rich and colorful past, our city has moved forward with a dynamic growth pattern that blends past elegance with modern efficiency.


As your home, St. Charles will provide a breadth of shopping experience unrivaled in any like community. The architecture and style of this city on the bluffs instills in its residents a pride in community that is truly refreshing.


Our faith in the future is evidenced no more dramatically than in our commitment to education. Our thirty thousand students in grades kindergarten through twelve attend five separate school districts of outstanding quality. Day and evening programs serve the adult community with liberal arts and professional training through The Lindenwood Colleges and St. Mary’s College of O’Fallon.